Custom Made Wonderful Gazebo unlike Any Other

Gazebo is a pavilion structure, sometimes octagonal or turret-shaped, often built in a park, garden or spacious public area. Today I have several modern gazebo design ideas for your house, and this gazebo is not the one you see in the pubic park.

Awesome Straight Stoned Walkway With Wooden Gazebo Idea Plus Turquoise Armchair Pads Decor

Have a look this wonderful and luxurious gazebo, with big and square pavilion covering it. In the middle of this gazebo, there is a Jacuzzi built in the floor of this gazebo, and it ready to give you a nice hot water massage, but if you don’t want to get wet, a long couch is available to comfort you. The big square pavilion have a big wooden log for the frame, with dark rustic brown color that making it looks like it came from the medieval era.

Big Gazebo With Pergola Canopy Over Wicker Seating Area Plus Decorative Ivy Plants

Here is another gazebo ideas, this one is designed for poolside. With extravagance, dark chocolate wood covers the base of this gazebo. Four small but solid pillar hold this roofless gazebo design. Milky white curtain covers the top and side of this gazebo, acting the roof and the wall. A similar colored flat sofa will delight you while you enjoy the warm sunlight burn your skin. In the middle of the room there is this minimalist coffee table gives a futuristic touch to this tropical gazebo.

Exotic Brown Outdoor Seating Area With Green Pads Under Maroon Gazebo Canopy Design

If you are the minimalistic person than you might want to see this simple yet comfortable square gazebo. Four strong steel pillars hold the semi transparent roof of this gazebo. Under it there are several fluffy grey sofa with a fancy boxy coffee table. This unbeatable sunset view make a simple gazebo feels as a perfect place to enjoy your leisure time.

This gazebo is unlike many other gazebos. It’s perfect, you don’t need to copy what other do when you can do it your way, and resulting a wonderful home design like this.