Fireplace Mantels which Works in Four Seasons that You can Set for Now

Fireplaces do not only serve at winter. During the other seasons, fireplaces serve as an attractive decorative element to a house. Our series of classic, rustic fireplaces are applicable to various kinds of rooms. Installing these brick or stone built log burners is guaranteed to boost the warmth of your house, literally… and not!

Attractive Rustic Stoned Fireplace Mantel Texture With Glass Fireplace Screen Plus Wooden Shelf Design

We’re in love with lime stones, so much that we decided to arrange it into a classic model of rustic fireplace. This closed fireplace is surrounded by jigsaw placed limestone, giving an instant natural feel to any room. The deep inserted fireplace comes with a veneered oak wood and rattan door, trapping any possible ash from coming outside. Place a large nude colored oil painting above and pull your favorite velvet sofa for a poignant experience!

Clean Laminate Floor With Rustic Stoned Fireplace Mantel Plus Wooden Shelf Also Glass Fireplace Screen

Traditional meets modern with this low built fireplace, made by an assortment of bricks. The dull color produces a warm and cozy feeling to your living room. Separated in two compartments, users can store dry wood next to the fireplace itself. Framed by a sleek veneered oak fireplace frame, this fireplace makes a good pair with the wide screen television planted above. You no need to worry for the television wiring as the wood frame stops any heat from passing through above. Watching television has never been as comfortable as this, has it?

Comfy Brown Leather Armchair With Rustic Stoned Fireplace Mantel Plus Wooden Shelf Also Art Painting Decor

Our last model is inspired by the beauty of Italy, through an assortment of natural granite placed on top of each other, creating a messy avant-garde fireplace. A classic rough wooden block is hung above the fireplace to store vases, plant pots and other decorative elements. A deep planted fireplace allows the user to trap the remaining ashes, assuring a mess free experience. Large living rooms and bedrooms will enjoy this model of classic Italian style fireplace.