Make Your House a Private Summer Holiday Destination!

Private pools are an aristocratic symbol of status and serenity. Not only does it allow refreshments during hot summer days, you can also spend your tranquil nights by the poolside, stargazing and relaxing. Have a look at our collection of rectangular shaped swimming pools to apply to your house!

Amazing White Home With Framed Glass Wall Plus Outdoor Seating Area Near Rectangular Pool Design

For our first picture, we combine the elements of nature with a modern pool design. Non-absorbent brick walls offer a regal look to this sleek pool design. The easy-to-clean porcelain pool tiles require less attention for busybodies who don’t have much time to take care after his house. The poolside, enveloped in basic plaster, ensures no more poolside slips. Top it off with cushioned poolside chairs to spend your lazy days in your own private paradise!

Awesome White Lounge Chairs Beside Wooden Armchairs Face To The Rectangular Pool Also Wading Pool Plus Stoned Deck Floor Tile

Our second design blends veneered wood planks and glass pool tiles to give a wide and natural look. Available for spacious houses, the nighttime lighting placed by the poolside shimmers through the crystal clear water, available in cold and warm temperatures. The pool walls for night swimming experiences also install Water resistant lamps. Created in a surrounding of trees, this pool would be perfect for large backyards!

Cool Rectangular Pool Design With White Lighting Plus Laminate Deck Floor Also Decorative Trees Background

Two separate pools for both parent and child are available through our next design. A small square pool with shallow depth and warm water neighbors a rectangular pool with increasing depth for a more challenging swim experience. Three underwater stairs are available for your comfort. A double swing planted by the poolside offers a nice place for you to cool down after a long swim. Covered in white porcelain, this design is perfect for you and your tiny tot to have!

Last but not least, a swimming pool siding layers of Japanese grass. Light colored plastered poolside tiles connects to a single path to the garden stairs. Crafted by mosaic transparent pool tiles, this simple design is beautified by thin metal poolside chairs, topped by soft tartan foam cushions and poolside umbrellas. An abundance of green siding a clear blue pool will complete your summer holidays!