Minimalist without a Lack in Details: Simple Modern Ideas for Your Home

The idea of minimalist model houses has caught the public’s eye lately. Through various futuristic designs, users are bewitched by the simplicity it offers. Here are some clever minimalist model house designs, guaranteed to make your house turn into your home.

Amazing Minimalist White Home Design With Outdoor Brown Seating Area Plus Yellow Lighting Also Glass Balcony Banister

For seaside houses, an open patio and glass walled living room will catch your eyes. Built facing the sea, indulge guests with a vast view of waves sweeping the seashore. Veneered oak wood is chosen as the patio floor, neighboring a solid ivory floor for the living room. White paneling made by small carves becomes home for ceiling lamps. A red velvet sofa placed just in the middle gives a splash of color in the broken white dominated room. Add a slim screen television, and enjoy watching sunrises and sunsets everyday from your own home!

Cheerful Orang Outdoor Seating Area Paired With Minimalist White Home Design Also Glass Wall Plus Cream Stoned Floor Tile

If you live quite far from your neighbors, this all see-through toughened glass walls will not only induce a sense of simplicity, but also a daring feel. This two-floored asymmetric design offers a part of the second floor to be higher than the other does by creating a floor rising. The second floor is plotted for the bathroom and bedroom, while the first floor is functioned for the kitchen and living room. Fenced by tall pine trees, this model would be perfect for young, daring souls to have.

Cool Swimming Pool With Minimalist Home Design Plus Glass Windows Also Decorative Canopy

Another design we offer consists of three connected buildings: a double two floor square buildings made by toughened and veneered oak wood and one long rectangular shed. The buildings are surrounded by a medium depth pool that serves both to prettify and to guard the house from unwanted animals. The square buildings serve as bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and living room while the rectangular shed serves as a laundry room and also recreation room. This unique model is smartly applicable, even for limited spaces. So modern, so simple and so beautiful!