Platform Bed for an Awesome Bedroom Design

Platform bed is a very simple way for you to save the space that you have in your bedroom. Moreover, if you can get a storage platform bed, you can save the space that you have to bring in a big storage or closet in bedroom. It could be a really good idea for those who have a small space within their bedroom. You can maximize the space that you have by having this kind of multi-function furniture.

Beautiful Brown Floral Area Rug With Pull Out Storages Under Platform Bed Plus Corner Wooden Armoire Near White French Windows

For example, the light brown wooden platform storage bed with white mattress on it. The storage within the platform would be a very good place to store some stuff if the cupboard next to it is not enough. Therefore, it could be a really good additional storage that you can have. In other case, the dark brown wooden platform bed is also a good choice that you can have. Even though it does not have an extra storage system, but it looks great and comfortable. The dark brown color of it is match perfectly with other bedroom furniture such as, nightstand, cupboard, and cabinet.

Comfy Brown Striped Bedding Set With Decorative Wooden Platform Bed And Decorative Beam Striped Table Lamps

If you does not love the wooden surface of the bed, then you can try to have this grey platform bed. The grey color on the surface seems to fit in really well within the white mattress. The white and grey color seems to be a very good combination within the bedroom. Moreover, there is a grey wooden flooring which makes the bedroom more awesome.

Creative Ladder Shelving Units With Maroon Plaid Area Rug Plus Wooden Platform Bed Design

There are a lot of platform beds choice that you can have. If you need to get an extra storage, then a platform storage bed is a very good choice for it. However, if you do not need it, then just a low platform bed would be the best idea. You can get a comfortable place to sleep by having it.