Presenting Warm Atmosphere through Brick Accent Wall

House has its own story. The story is concealed by walls. Besides that, walls have function to protect home interior from dust, pollution, rain, sun light and some environmental pollution. Those reasons make walls as the great part of house that must be constructed very well.

Big Flush Mounted Ceiling Fan With Purple Bedding Set Plus Beam Brown Floor Lamps Plus Brick Accent Wall Idea

In this case, the walls could be designed from some materials and some designs. The function of walls inside the house is separating one room from another room. Materials, designs and styles of walls could give different accents to every room. Accents of walls could influence the atmosphere of the rooms. The wall itself could present elegant, warm, soft, fun and other atmospheres.

Compact Brick Accent Wall With Black And White Kitchen Unit Plus Decorative Pendant Lights Above Dining Table Set

One of the most favorite feelings from walls is warm feeling. To embrace warm atmosphere inside the room, the wall could be constructed in brick accent wall. Elegantly warm atmosphere kitchen could be seen from the epic design of the brick wall. The brick wall is facing the dining furniture. The brick wall itself is built like an opened cabinet so that kitchen island could be perched inside.

Minimalist Brown Wooden Living Room Interior Set With Brown Window Curtain Plus Brick Accent Wall Design

Brown accent of this wall looks more charming with flower ornaments on the wall and the light that hangs on the top of the wall. Next brick wall brings fresh, simple and warm atmosphere in the younger’s room. The brick wall is accompanied with two different walls in the right and left side. Comic wall in the left side accentuated the taste of youth while white in the right side gives smooth taste.

The brick wall gives different texture among the walls in this living room. This brick wall looks classic standing between the modern walls. With dark brown color, this brick wall is successful to invite natural taste amongst the white sofa and furniture. Look! Those pictures on the walls seem perfect with white brick wall. Completing with wooden table that perched on it, the brick wall brings brave concept to this room. Brick wall accent is good for every room. Just match it with your favorite design!